Laws – Neurogenesis

The combination of neurogenesis and neuroplasticity functioning together established the human brain as an active user of the information it received and the control center of the “Brain->Mind->Body System”.  Neurogenesis and neuroplasticity were the two laws that governed the internal structure of the brain and what it was capable of doing.

Neurogenesis – Neuro means nerve.  Genesis means birth.  Neurogenesis means the birth of new, experience dependent brain cells (neurons).  Experience-dependent brain cells are needed to absorb new information, make new, memories and learn.  However, these newly generated cells must be used in a short time or they will become unavailable.

The generation of new, experience-dependent brain cells requires the availability of an internal chemical referred to as “Brain Derived Neuronal Growth Factor” (BDNGF).  The internal generation of BDNGF is sensitive to physical activity.  The level of a person’s physical activity, therefore, determines the availability of BDNGF and the quantity of newly experience-dependent brain cells that can be generated and are available to absorb new information, make new memories and learn.  That makes physical activity an essential component of learning. Read about Neuroplasticity –