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Did you know that you have a new brain? Don’t look around. Don’t even put your hands to your head. The brain you were born with is still the brain you have today. It’s just that new technology and advances in research have shown that the brain you have today is very different than what it was thought to be. That means that it’s very different than what you thought it was.

Your brain is not a fixed genetic inheritance. The internal structure of your brain is constantly changing in response to what you do or don’t do. They call it plasticity or neuroplasticity. That means that the brain you have today is different than the brain you had when you were a kid, even a young adult.

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I’ve posted “Why Do We Eat  – Parts 1, 2 and 3”.   Now it’s time that I provide some recipes to go along with living a brain healthy life style.  I’ve started out by adding “Brain Healthy Chef” to the menu of items on top of my graphic with two recipes.  But there are some things you should know about eating for brain health. Continue reading


Why do we eat?   The answer to that question seems to have gotten lost, at least in our culture, and the price we’ve paid is health, particularly brain health.

For centuries, and up until the end of World War II, what we ate supported the health of our brain, muscles and body.  But that started changing radically in the early 50’s with the introduction of processed foods, fast foods, a multitude of snack foods and television. 

We paid attention to what was available to us and what we were hearing and seeing on television.  Television advertising was preaching the benefits of processed foods, fast foods and snacks.  We were being inundated with SIMPLE SUGARS, and we didn’t even know it.  MORE IMPORTANTLY, WE DIDN’T KNOW THAT ALL THAT SIMPLE SUGAR WAS NEGATIVELY AFFECTING OUR HEALTH, PARTICULARLY OUR BRAIN HEALTH. 

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Why do we eat?  The answer to that question seems to have gotten lost in western civilization.  With time and the availability of food we’ve become “DAMAGE DOERS”.  We eat too much food, we eat too much food at one time and we eat too much of the wrong foods. 

We depend on our environment to provide us with what we need, particularly in the area of food.  But, we’ve let the speed of processing, processed foods, fast foods, television advertising, sugary drinks and how food is made available to us create an environment that’s damaging to our health, particularly our cognitive health. 

We focus on weight and heart health, but what you eat has a major impact on your brain’s ability to function, and on how well you think.  The older you get the worse it gets.  We blame age, but it’s not age.  It’s the health and functioning ability of your brain. 

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There are instances when even the most mentally healthy of us has trouble recalling a word during conversation, and it doesn’t only happen to older people, although it probably happens to older adults more frequently.

The question is “Why does it happen?”   The only real answer is normal brain function.  That leaves us with a myriad of possibilities, but there seem to be some that are more prevalent than others.  Continue reading