Aug. 24, 2018

I don’t believe In fade diets of any sort. typically they only work for a short time before you return to where you started. You don’t need to diet if you eat properly.  Eating properly means eating the proper foods, but there’s one diet that really bugs me. That’s the Keto (Ketogenic) diet. The diet calls for an extremely low carb intake while going heavy on meats, fats etc. It’s unhealthy particularly for your brain.
I’ll post a little on it each day.

The Keto diet goes very low on carbs suggesing 5-10% of your diet. All carbs are sugars. Sugar provides your brain and body with energy. By minimizing carbs your brain is being starved for energy.  In an effort to survive your brain releases ketones that convert fat to energy. In essence, your body is eating itself and producing a very inefficient form of energy.

When converting fat to energy it’s uncertain as to whether your brain is getting the energy it needs to function effectively. It’s much better to limit yourself to complex carbs. Cut out refined wheats, white rice, sugary drinks and foods with sugars added.