Why do we eat?   The answer to that question seems to have gotten lost, at least in our culture, and the price we’ve paid is health, particularly brain health.

For centuries, and up until the end of World War II, what we ate supported the health of our brain, muscles and body.  But that started changing radically in the early 50’s with the introduction of processed foods, fast foods, a multitude of snack foods and television. 

We paid attention to what was available to us and what we were hearing and seeing on television.  Television advertising was preaching the benefits of processed foods, fast foods and snacks.  We were being inundated with SIMPLE SUGARS, and we didn’t even know it.  MORE IMPORTANTLY, WE DIDN’T KNOW THAT ALL THAT SIMPLE SUGAR WAS NEGATIVELY AFFECTING OUR HEALTH, PARTICULARLY OUR BRAIN HEALTH. 

All carbohydrates are sugar and we need sugar for energy.  We need sugar to live.  For the most part, until the early 50’s the sugars we’d been ingesting were healthy, complex sugars (complex carbohydrates). 

Now, with the plethora of processed foods, fast foods and snack foods available to us we were ingesting a very different type of sugar; simple sugars. 

Simple sugars entered our blood 15 times faster than complex sugars, loading our blood with excess sugar that caused sugar spikes, and with time, insulin resistance, heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and INFLAMMATION. 

INFLAMMATION can be blamed for all sorts of illnesses throughout the body from generally poor health to Cancer.  But it’s most subtle impact, and possibly the most dangerous, is the effect it’s had on the brain and brain function.   

 INFLAMMATION of brain tissue interferes with or stops cell function.  Because we’ve lived under the myth that our brain is a fixed genetic inheritance and that it will always be what it is, we go through life with a brain that gets less and less healthy.  When we get older we blame our cognitive decline on age.  It’s not age.  It’s the health of our brain. 

The good news is that the brain is incredibly resilient and can be brought back to good health and effective functioning at any age.  START BY MAKING WATER YOUR DRINK OF CHOICE, EATING WHOLE GRAIN PRODUCTS INSTEAD OF REFINED WHEAT PRODUCTS, AND AVOID FOODS WITH ADDED SUGAR.