My name is Nort Beckerman.  I’m the author of “A User’s Guide to a Healthy Brain” and this site; two of the many things I do to promote the concept of brain health, or more accurately, cognitive health.  

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I started studying the brain in 2002-2003 when I was told that my memory and speaking problems, both cognitive issues, were incurable.  It took time and persistence, but I not only cured my cognitive problems I expanded my cognitive abilities.  


During my studies it became clear to me that 1) people of all ages should be concerned with “Brain Health” not just senior adults, 2) aging is not the cause of cognitive decline, 3) that the human brain is resilient, and 4) that life style is critical to maintaining a healthy , effectively functioning brain.  I felt that message needed to get out. 

Since I first began to study brain function, a myriad of new studies have been published.  Some long term, some short term, but it’s clear that our concept of the brain, cognitive development, cognitive decline and life style are all tied together. 

It’s also clear that the way we perceive our brain and it’s impact on who we are and what we can do at all ages, has changed radically.  We didn’t know a lot of this before.  Well, thanks to new technology and some heavy research, we now know, and you should know as well.   That’s what this website is all about.

I’ve added NORT’S BRAIN BLOG to give me the opportunity to provide information, make and receive comments.